What’s New? Caswell – Animal

South London songwriter Caswell has shared something rather moving to help with those melancholy mornings.


A music obsessive and purist, Caswell grew up with the unfair advantage of a punk rock, vinyl dealer mum and a dad who worked as a buyer for HMV. The inevitable obsession with music lead to her enrolling in the London BRIT school. With an upbringing like that, she was never likely to stick on a shirt and tie and work in data management, I suppose.


The new single is a follow-up from her debut single ‘Fury’ last year. Sonically, it’s an alt-pop gem that’s bound to resonate with fans of Banks, Ray BLK and Sasha Keable. Subtle percussive drum textures provide a gorgeous backdrop for Caswell’s stunning topline. Really though it’s the chord progression that makes this one so special. Simple yet wonderfully elegant, it’s the musical justification of less is more. Top marks from a songwriter we’re looking forward to hearing more from in the future.


“I draw from my own personal experiences,” says Caswell. “I find that’s when I really need to write. It’s very much a form of catharsis for me and I like having created something positive like a song out of something negative that has happened in my life. Sometimes it helps me find closure and listening back to songs is like seeing the little milestones of my life.”


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