Interview: A Conversation with Meal Deals

In association with Major Leagues, TMB has decided to have a chit chat with the awesome foursome that are Meal Deals. Their brilliant track ‘Birthday List’ features on the label’s new compilation Struck Out in aid of Help Refugees. You can listen to and purchase it right here. Come back tomorrow for the last of our featured artist interviews of the week.


So, who are you?

Meal Deals are Harry Singh-Judd (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Connor Anderson (lead guitar), Glenn Rawcliffe (drums and backing vocals) and Patrick Forde (bass and backing vocals).


How did Meal Deals get together?

We were all pals and got together because we used to be in other bands (called Sad Culture and Litsoma) but the majority of the members of those bands went off to uni last year and we were the only ones left in sunny southwest London. So we formed a “supergroup” (lol).


It’s been nearly a year since you last released music, why the delay?

It has been a while since the last release. We’ve recorded some stuff but are waiting to release them in true style. It’s perfectionism perhaps or more likely laziness. Also two of us have now moved away which slows it all down a bit. We’re just slow.


What’s next for you?

We’ve got a big announcement to make later this month! Keep your eyes and oranges peeled.


Any live dates coming up?

We are playing the Windmill in Brixton on April 12th with ZeBraFi which should be fun, and there will be something else in April too…



Any good bands you can recommend?

(Harry:) I recommend Liz Phair, particularly her album “Exile in Guyville” because it’s bang bang bangin’. Also check out our buddy a.j Noble on soundcloud, he just released 3 really great songs!


What’s the story behind your contribution to Struck Out, ‘Birthday List’?

The story behind Birthday List is our friend Jess (aka biig piig – check her out also) had employed Connor to tidy her room for her. Whilst carrying out this task, Connor came across her personal diary and decided to read it. In the diary he found the invite list to her upcoming birthday bash, on which he was 4th. Connor was outraged that he was 4th on the list, as he felt he should have been numero uno. Glenn then decided to write a song from Connor’s perspective about this scarring invitation injustice.


How did you get involved?

We got involved with the Struck Out compilation because lovely Jake of Major Leagues asked if we wanted to and we were totally down for it. We would have submitted a new song if we had one but we didn’t so we went for Birthday List.


Is Help Refugees an important cause for you?

Help Refugees is an important cause for us, yes. Especially at this time where people are having to endure unimaginable struggles just to survive and try to live in safety, and get treated so horribly by so many when trying to do so. It is important that we do our best to offer a helping hand to our fellow human beings.


What’s your favourite track on the compilation?

It’s so hard to choose a fave track of the compilation! But Beachtape’s “Too Much” is such a large one it’s gotta be that.


What’s your band motto? If you don’t have one, get thinking.

Our band motto is “If it ain’t £3 then that is of no interest to us collectively, thank you”. That’s what it says on our band family crest.

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