What’s New? 15.03.17 (MELLAH, Jakil, Screaming Peaches)

What’s New? brings you 3 new tracks for essential listening every week.


MELLAH – Old Friend

Strongly associated with his local scene, MELLAH has been playing guitar since a teen and has just released his first song out into the world. Subtle yet confident, ‘Old Friend’ is dreamy and delicate, every strum of a chord sounds like you’re sat beside each other receiving a personal serenade. Even more impressive considering the young Peckham musician recorded and produced it all himself.



Jakil – Everytime We Talk

Crisp and fresh, Jakil return with another pop-tastic banger. Every song the 5-piece release is universally appealing and catchy as hell – who knows how they do it, not me. Indie pop fans come running, due for mainstream stardom and success, why haven’t these guys been on Radio 1 yet?! Someone sort it out!



Screaming Peaches – Japanese Flower Garden

Sci-fi synth-laden and thick with mystical, ethereal arpeggios – the new track from Screaming Peaches is a total winner. The title tells you all you need to know, it would almost certainly be the soundtrack to a funky 80s movie scene in a beautiful and blossoming garden on the top floor of a Japanese skyscraper.