Interview: A Conversation with Porridge Radio

In association with Major Leagues, TMB has decided to have a chit chat with Dana of our favourite cereal/broadcasting related band Porridge Radio. Their brand new track ‘Bread’ features on the label’s new compilation Struck Out in aid of Help Refugees. You can listen to and purchase it right here. Come back every day this week for more interviews with featured artists.


Hey, how’s it going?

Hi! It’s going okay. It’s late at night and I feel like I’m asleep. I feel weird and a bit uncomfortable I guess.


For those who don’t know, who are Porridge Radio?

Porridge Radio is me – Dana – and Sam and Maddie and Georgie and Josh. We are all okay, aren’t we. I love those guys a lot, I really do. I write the songs but they make them better.


How was your International Women’s Day last week?

I slept through most of it because I felt weird similarly to how I feel now. I wanted to be loud about womanhood but I felt too much like my words were too useless to say anything. Any woman reading this I love you and take up space and don’t forget if your feminism isn’t intersectional it’s not feminism.


You also had your album relaunch last week, how did that go?

That was so nice. I felt weird before then too, but that show really made me feel so full of love for my band and my friends and the people who play music in Brighton and there was a lot of love and it really warmed me so deeply. Top Knot played and they are intensely wonderful. Wednesday’s Children also played and they really were excellent.


You have a history of working with cool af independent record labels such as CHUD, no dice tapes and Love Thy Neighbour, how has that come about?

Oh yes well those labels are wonderful and great. I think that came about cos we play a lot of shows and are really polite. I think if you want to get involved with great people you’ve got to be kind and you’ve got to reach out and make a big noise about how good you are, and also ask for things you want loads of times and then make them happen yourself when they don’t, and then after a while people catch on and want to get involved with you. You missed out our main cool af label Memorials of Distinction btw. That’s the label who love us the most dearly and nurtured me from zero to hero. Baby.



You have a track featured on Major Leagues’ new compilation for Help Refugees, what made you want to be involved?

I’ve got songs and they reached out. Help Refugees are doing amazing work in refugee camps and where I have no words and am angry and sad and useless they are getting food and aid to vulnerable people and like how could I not get involved? How are we all not getting involved all the time? Why am I not more involved?


It’s a new song, right? Tell us a bit about it…

Oh yeah it is a new song. It’s called Bread and it’s from a new album of demos (similar to frgttng, I’m not sure anymore and misery radio all payf on bandcamp) that I’ve just finished. The album is called bad breath and I wrote it over the last year and I’m really proud of it and into it and I keep thinking about it a lot because I’m quite self indulgent I guess. It’s full of this current weird bad feeling.


Do you think it’s important for musicians to speak up about important issues?

Yeah, of course, I think it’s important for everyone to speak up about important issues especially if you’ve got any sort of platform to speak from. Once you have that platform and some control over it then use it and extend it to those who don’t have a voice. I feel guilty a lot for not doing this enough even though we are quite small I don’t think that’s a good excuse. I promise to try harder.



What else is coming up for Porridge Radio in 2017?

A music show on the 19th at The Shacklewell Arms for our vinyl release and then me and Josh and Georgie are going on a UK tour with Garden Centre at the end of March where we will play extremely stripped back Porridge Radio sets and so great Garden Centre bangers all over this place (me and Georgie are in both bands obviously). Hopefully a release of bad breath! Maybe on a tape? Record a new album! Lots of new songs. Big plans. Lots to do. A full band tour in the summer. Hopefully with LA punk Franz Murder from the band West America who we released a split with last year. Hopefully a wealthy benefactor will come along.


What other new music are you loving at the moment?

Ohhhh. Slothrust are my favourite band today. So are towel (I saw them tonight). Wow I love Shelf Life. I love Adult Mom. I love adam gnade. I love it could always be colder. I love Elvis Depressedly. I love mat from Elvis Depressedly’s new album so much I could explode. I love Garden Centre. Mat Riviere is incredible. Allison’s Gate is beautiful. Our Girl are so so wonderful. Shannen Moser melts my whole body. Wenonoah! Yes. Top Knot! Furore! There are so many people making so much wonderful music. Suep. Oh god I love Suep.


If everyone knew just one thing about Porridge Radio, what would you want it to be?

One day I’m going to move far away and you’ll never see me again. Good night!


Thanks for doing this interview for us!

Thanks for having me please edit this so I don’t come across so bad. Please enjoy my complimentary word art. (Dana made this for us via email, very very pretty don’t you think?)