Interview: A Conversation with itoldyouiwouldeatyou

In association with Major Leagues, TMB has decided to have a chit chat with emo/punk favourites itoldyouiwouldeatyou. Six friends from all over the UK, their brand new track ‘All’s Fair And I Want To Go Home’ features on the label’s new compilation Struck Out in aid of Help Refugees. You can listen to and purchase it right here. Come back every day this week for more interviews with featured artists.


How is the world of itoldyouiwouldeatyou going?

Oh, terrible. We all hate each other and we’ll break up soon. That said, we’ve got lots on the slate this year and are goin in to record with Bob Cooper at the start of May which will be sick! Everyone is smashing it and I’m proud of the vocal work I’m doing. One word: hooks. Who are you for those who don’t know? I’m Joey and I sing in emo 6-piece


Who are you for those who don’t know? 

I’m Joey and I sing in emo 6-piece itoldyouiwouldeatyou. People often speculate about how many members we have and we weren’t all that sure but we’re pretty sure it’s six officially now. It’ll go up again though, I’m getting really into how cellos sound. You know it’s supposed to be the instrument that sounds most like the human voice? Yeh that’s mad.


How difficult is it to practice being on the best live bands in the country while all living in different cities?

Oh you stop! We suck! I keep telling you this and you never listen! The short answer is that we don’t practise as much as we should. But that said everyone in the band (with the possibly exception of me) is a boss at what they do, so those guys do a lot of practise own their own. Then when we are actually rehearsing together it’s often a really long session to get everything tight. Normally one big practice before tour, two if we’re sorting lots of new stuff or if there’s a really big show. Is this interesting? It feels like it’s probably boring to read. We don’t rehearse enough Elli.


Most of you all play in other bands too, how’d you get the balance right?

Well, that’s where being miles apart kinda works out! My day to day is rehearsing Education or Fake Fur where I play drums, and that’s easy cos all those guys are in London and drums are long so I have to actually work at it. My solo stuff in Railsplitter I just make on my laptop when I have time and almost never do live so that’s very easy. With ityiwey I’m just remembering words I wrote down and cultivating a ‘will they won’t they’ on stage sexual tension with Luke. That comes naturally.


What are you passionate about that isn’t music?

You know it’s been so long since someone asked me a question about something other than music apart from boring stuff like ‘rent is due, pay that’ or ‘do you wanna order pizza’ or ‘why are you yelling we’re indoors’. So I have to think. I’m really into fashion and how that intersects with culture and stuff. As a queer person who likes to look gully as fuck I am really into a lot Vetements stuff, Gosha Rubchinsky, and Charles Jeffrey stuff at the moment.



You reasonably recently released the I Am Not Your Fault EP, how’s the reception of that gone down?

Pretty well I think! We’ve had people show up to shows in cities I’ve never been to before, and people keep saying lovely things about us on the internet which is great cos that’s where I do most of my shopping.


Are there any of those lovely vinyl versions left?

I’M GLAD YOU ASKED. Last I heard from Failure By Design they only had ten of the green ones left! We have a few that we’re selling at shows too and they’ve been moving pretty fast actually. I guess what I’m trying to say, if anything, is buy our record so we can do a second pressing where I replace all the lyrics with me reciting the words to ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’.


You’re also playing ArcTanGent fest this year, excited?

Hugely, yes! Everyone in the band goes every year and we’ve got a big group we go with. Anyone reading this should come hang with us. Rumour is our driver Dockers is bringing his teepee cos he’s the kind of dude that just has that shit kicking around. He’s also sick at juggling.


So you have a track on the new Struck Out compilation for Help Refugees, what made you want to be involved?

Well, Major Leagues messaged us pretty much out of the blue asking if we had anything kicking around, and we were more than happy to get involved. We linked them up with the guys in Cassels because the refugee crisis is something that they’ve been addressing for a while. We also put them on to Alcopop Records who are lovely people. As for the refugee crisis, if the tories aren’t gonna fix it (which they seem pretty set on), it sadly falls on the people to take up that burden. In the Spanish Civil War, a lot of British people went there to help fight fascists entirely of their own accord, because it mattered so much to them and the government wasn’t doing anything. To me, the refugee crisis is important in a similar way and given our government’s corrupt and intentional incompetence on this matter we need to start taking action in any way possible. Things like this are a step in the right direction, and I hope it inspires more people to give aid to refugee charities and, hopefully, go out there and volunteer some of their time to help people fleeing conflicts in which the UK government is complicit.



Do you think it’s important for musicians to speak out about important and political issues?

As you can probably tell, yes I do. It’s actually a big part of why I wanted to do art stuff in the first place. It’s important to live by your convictions. I’ve no interest in being preachy or aggressive in my views and I understand if people think I should shut up. If people don’t wanna hear about it, they can just not listen to me, I won’t be offended.


It’s a new song! Tell us more about it…

We actually recorded this track ages ago as the B-side to our single ‘Elsie Shutt‘, but we never felt it quite fit with that track and we didn’t have a reason to put it out otherwise, cos after that we started working on I Am Not Your Fault. I’m really glad it’s out there now though cos I think it’s a catchy track and it’s a good example of Lewis’ writing on guitar. Most of our demos start with Josh or me, but the instrumental to this was Lewis’ work. I think you can hear the difference and I think it’s good for people to hear that side of us.


What else is coming up for you all in 2017?

We are booking a bunch of dates at the moment, and summer is looking packed which is always fun. We’re also recording and hope to have some new tracks out by the time we next hit the road. What form those tracks will be released in is yet to be properly decided but what we have planned so far is absolutely lit. Probably not what’s really expected at this point, but lit.


If the world could know one thing about itoldyouiwouldeatyou, what would it be?

There’s a lot of debate as to who the chillest member of the band is. Some say Ollie, others say Luke. I’ve heard people suggest that Zac who played the keys on I Am Not Your Fault is the chillest member. It’s a tough question, but there is a right answer, and it’s Josh.