What’s New? Who are Broadbay?

What’s New? brings you the best in new music every week. Today we’re finding out – Who are Broadbay? Why do we want to know? They’ve only made one of our favourite EPs so far this year and like to rock out pretty hard. Let’s delve into the world of Broadbay and see what we can find…


For those who don’t know, who are Broadbay?

We’re a 3 piece indie band from Northampton. Currently residing between there and Brighton.


How did the band begin?

I (James) decided that I wanted to try hard at something other than hanging out with my mates and partying so I started writing songs that would eventually become Broadbay songs. Not long after that I got Bill and our original bass player Ralphy involved. We had an amazing time working out how to be a band for 2/3 years, then Ralphy sadly left us around a year ago. Angus our current bass player ended up joining the band after we had a stand in bass player pull out of a tour mid way through due to illness. Angus offered to help out and things just seemed to work out well. He’s been an amazing addition to the line-up.


We love new single ‘Long Term Plan’, when was it written? 

Stoked! Thank you!

It was written in I want to say the summer of 2015. I lived in a big old house with a load of skaters and we would spend most our time watching skate videos and drinking coffee in the living room. My girlfriend at the time lived in the house as well and I think it was a bit of a bummer for her so I kinda had to think about what my “Long Term Plan” would be. I guess it stemmed from that really.


The song covers the anxiety about your future, has that been a big issue for you recently?

I think most people in their early 20’s probably worry a lot about their future. Currently things are much better for me than they have been. I’m trying hard to keep a positive attitude and to appreciate how blessed I am. Everyone has their bad days though


How did you come up with the 360 video idea?

When we were touring last year we stayed at our friend Paden’s house and in the morning he blew our minds showing us video’s he’d previously filmed on the 360 camera. It seemed obvious that we should film a fat party with it. We knew we’d need to film a video at some point soon anyway so everything just played out perfectly. Big thanks to Paden, the middle street crew for letting us wreck their courtyard and all the mates who showed up on the day!



It’s only been a year since your last EP, how was the rest of 2016 for you? 

Only? It feels like forever!!

Overall it was basically shit. 2016 was shit for everyone right?


Your new EP, also titled ‘Long Term Plan’ is all killer no filler. Where and who did you record it with?

Thanks dude! Though don’t think you can compare it to all killer no filler though, that’s sum41’s seminal album! Full throttle knocking bangers out the park left right and centre.

We recorded the E.P. in Manchester with everyone’s favourite bloke Bob Cooper. I think we did 3 nights of tracking which isn’t really a long time, I’m not sure why we thought we’d be able to do it that quickly. So we had to record the vocals when we got back to Northampton with our friends Rufus Fox and Jay Brooks. Cheers for saving our asses boys!


You’re working with Copper Top and Hanger Records for this release, how did that come about?

So Jay Brooks who I just mentioned comes into the pub I work in all the time. He also plays in a really cool band called Oh Boy! who we know from playing in Northampton. He just kept mentioning that he was starting a label and that he wanted to put out our E.P. which we were just sitting on at the time so eventually I just thought “Fuck it lets get this shit out, he knows what he’s doing a lot more than me and maybe I can push some of the boring jobs on to him”. Then I thought “if getting one person to help relieves me of some of the less fun parts of being in a band imagine what would it be like with two.” So we asked Nick Wells who runs Hanger Records and plays drums in bff’s The New Tusk to get involved and that’s that. Copper Top’s doing digital, Hanger’s doing physical. It seems to be working out well. This is the first email I’ve sent in over a week.


The artwork is also really sick. Who did that?

Yeah I’m so hyped on it! Our friend Jack Hamilton did it.

I met him when we were both down in Brighton to skate. Him and his pals came to a show we were playing that weekend and we hang out a bunch. I’d been waiting to hear back from people about artwork for a really long time and it was getting pretty frustrating. I’d already seen Jack’s art, he’s designed boards for Enjoi and Death Skateboards, so after we met I just shot him a message seeing if he was keen. He was hyped and got on it straight away. Basically everything you could want from someone doing artwork for you.

Check out his insta @jackhamiltonart !!


Any more tour dates planned?

Nothing we can give specifics about really but we’ll be touring with Gender Roles in April for sure. Check out their recently released E.P. It’s an absolute banger!!

There’s other stuff in the pipeline but we’ll see what happens. There’s exciting stuff brewing for sure.


What else does 2017 see on the horizon for Broadbay?

Our main aim is to tour as much as possible and release some more music. We’re pretty disappointed with the rate we’ve been releasing material so planning on getting more than usual out this year.


Brighton has always got a great music scene. What other bands are you loving at the moment?

There’s literally too many to remember. Off the top of my head –

Gender Roles, Beach Tape, Birdskulls, Abattoir Blues, Rough Hands, Moodhoover, Spill, State Funeral, Bloody Death, The New Tusk, The Physics House Band…. this list could go on infinitely.


What other new music are you loving at the moment?

Alex G released a song called “Bobby” like 2 or 3 days ago and I literally can’t stop thinking about it. We’ve all been listening to Sam Skinner from Pinegrove’s recently released E.P. a lot. PWR BTTM, Slow Mass, Beachtape. I’m listening to Dookie right now.


If there was one thing you’d want the world to know about Broadbay, what would it be?

we aren’t playing post lobotomy



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