We first featured Sunface almost an entire year ago here with his debut single and since then at lot has happened for the young musician. The debut EP gained attentive ears in the form of Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart, Tom Robinson – we could go on, impressive support to say the least.

Now Daniel Longmore aka Sunface is returning with his second EP appropriately titled EP 2 and we at Too Many Blogs are lucky enough to premiere one of its tracks – ‘Silver Lining’.

A track all about “fancying the fuck out of somebody”, Sunface keeps to what he knows best on ‘Silver Lining’. Effortless and heartfelt lyrics describe the feelings you get around that special someone “sun shines when you’re around, rain falls when you leave town” in the most Sunface way possible.

Listen to the new track below, and pre-order a limited edition cassette right here via Clue Records.