What’s New? HMLTD – To The Door

The soundtrack to a spaghetti western directed by Harmony Korine, sun-bleached guitars sit shoulder-to-shoulder with trap-inspired breakdowns on the new single from HMLTD.

‘To the Door’ sees the glam-rock sound that marked their earlier shows make a welcome return – until sparse electronics upset the surf-rock riff, with frontman Henry Spychalski cawing ‘The streets are lined with filth/ The scum will rise to the top’, like an unhinged Miss Trunchbull. It’s best to listen yourself to fully get your head around the band’s sinful sound (though the gorgeous video from Jenkin van Zyl will explain even more). B-side ‘Music!’ is a whole different story in terms of sound, but still worthy of your complete attention.

Catch HMLTD at London Scala on 3rd May 


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