Our favourite tracks of last month: February 17

It’s March the 3rd! How time flies! Let’s get on with our favourite tracks of February…


Fatima Yamaha – Piayes Beach Bar & Grill (chosen by Joe Horsman)

Fatima Yamaha is back with arguably the funkiest release of 2017 so far. My personal highlight of this month’s three-track EP Araya, “Piayes Beach Bar & Grill” is a four and a half minute steady funk bassline with lively, unpredictable drifting synth lines. There’s a certain sparsity to this song that could deter some listeners, but as ever with a Fatima Yamaha release, there’s an alluring delicacy in the simplicity.



Born Stranger and Caitlyn Scarlett – Cheating Love (chosen by Chris Graham)

Born Stranger and Caitlyn Scarlett grind some impressively slick vocal co-operation on the alt-pop styled instrumental. The single conveys a couple contemplating their commitment to each other, like a situation from two people’s point of view. The track is a sort-of play on words ‘cheating love’ and ‘cheating death’, the lyrics and concept really stood out to me as a track this month.


Day Wave – Something Here (chosen by Elli Brazzill)

‘Something Here’ is the new single from everyone’s favourite Oakland-based dream pop provider. Well, my favourite at least. A mysterious Joy Division-esque intro is followed by glorious synths and sweet vocals that kept me happy during a less than calm February. Let it do the same for your March.



Methyl Ethel – ‘Heure des Sorcières’ (chosen by Daisy Summerfield)

They play Deaf Institute this Saturday, so why not get acquainted with the latest mystical offering from Perth’s Methyl Ethel?


Team Picture – Back to Bay Six (chosen by James Hughes)

This was a tough choice for me this month. It was between this & Marika Hackman’s latest but, with her having had her own post for that song, I opted for Team Picture. ‘Back To Bay Six’ is the best thing that the six-piece from Leeds have released so far and with 6music picking up on it recently too, it seems that others agree too.


Pixx – I Bow Down (chosen by Jake Crossland)

‘I Bow Down’ takes in Eastern-inspired synths, dirty guitars and delicate harmonies, and spits out Pixx’s danicest sound to date – new album ‘The Age of Anxiety’ looks to be miles ahead of any promise shown by earlier EPs. FFO: Grimes, Deradoorian


The Shins – Mildenhall (chosen by Tom Saunders)

The third track to be released from their imminent new album ‘Heartworms’, ‘Mildenhall’ is a lo-fi acoustic gem that conjures up nostalgia for a life that you might not have even lived:

‘Somehow she knew I’d like to stay up waiting with her in the cold for cheap beer and rock ‘n’ roll, which in time put lots of things in my mind.’

Whether you can relate to the above or not, this is a wonderful slice of three-minute acoustic music.