What’s New? Girl Ray – Stupid Things

Once we’ve talked about an act a few times, I always find it a bit of a struggle for what to put in this bit before the inevitable embedded track. So with us having featured Girl Ray a number of times now (dating back to June 2015), let’s mix it up.

Bam! Weren’t expecting to see the song there were you?

About ‘Stupid Things’, lead vocalist and guitarist Poppy Hankin said: “It’s about crushing really hard on someone and finding myself doing fucking ridiculous things to feel like we’ve got some kind of connection. Watching films that they mentioned fleetingly or ordering their favourite drink at a bar. Very stupid but happens every single time, ha ha

You can catch Girl Ray on tour with Teleman right now, or you can see them at the BBC 6 Music Festival in Glasgow on 24th March at this year’s Green Man and End Of The Road festivals or headlining their biggest London show to date on 23rd May 2017 at the Lexington.