Marika Hackman is back with new track ‘Boyfriend’

Technically this track could go into our ‘What’s New?’ section because this is Marika Hackman as you haven’t heard her before. I know that sometimes that phrase can be thrown around a little too frivolously, but here it actually applies.

See, Hackman has teamed up with The Big Moon to deliver ‘Boyfriend’ and, quite frankly, it’s fucking ace.

Last night I saw a description of the track that kinda perfectly said what I was gonna say, and more, so I’m just going to repost it here (and hopefully they won’t mind). It comes courtesy of Miserable Girlz:

The English sweetheart teamed up with The Big Moon and created an in some ways passively angry, very ironic and powerful masterpiece called ‘Boyfriend’.

Partly overdriven by joyous guitar sounds and rhythmic drums which reappear in the chorus of Hackman’s newest creation ‘Boyfriend’ set the mood for the song. Everything gets a bit more chill as the words ‘Ive got your boyfriend on my mind’ echo through my headphones, falsely making me think the singer talks about being in love with someone else’s boyfriend. As fast as I made these assumptions Hackman clears things up with the second line ‘I think he knows you stayed with me last night’. The first thing I had in mind when listening to the lyrics properly was ‘Oh wow this is different, this is great!’

The track deals with a boy not taking his girlfriend’s cheating seriously because it’s with another girl, not another boy. It, in some ways ironically, addresses the issue of not being taken seriously as a girl who likes girls (because it isn’t always obvious) and being objectified due to one’s sexual preference. ‘Boyfriend’ definitely has its power moments, lyrically as well as musically. The catchy melody carries Hackman’s effortlessly beautiful voice and great lyrical content well. It’s fairly different from everything Marika Hackman released before, we just love that and hope Marika keeps providing us with power songs like this one.

And honestly what’s a better artwork for a song like ‘Boyfriend’ than a chopped up phallic looking veggie?! Genius.

One thought on “Marika Hackman is back with new track ‘Boyfriend’

  • March 27, 2017 at 2:03 am

    It’s “I think he knows you stayed with me last night”.


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