X-Posure All Dayer – Omeara, London – 28/01/17

Situated in possibly the trendiest new music venue in the capital, On January 28th Omeara was a part of Radio X’s X-Posure All-Dayer. The event showcased a top selection of creative emerging artists that have gained radio play from Radio X from the likes of Spring King, Throws, Laurel, Scarlet Rascal, Girl Ray, Francobollo, IDLES, Wovoka Gentle, Dead Pretties HOO Has. This event simply knocked it out of the park for me, a great selection of acts. Regrettably, I only managed to catch half of the acts but, of the ones I did see, it was a great experience.

Made up of turtleneck jumpers and blue jeans, Girl Ray floated around in their intrinsic style of indie rock. If there’s anything I learned from their set, the Moshi-Moshi signees blend twangy guitar hooks and dual vocal harmonies in songs too well. Oh, and the subtle dancing choreography was great too.

The stage for Wokova Gentle presented a number of synthesisers and a floor of cables and guitar pedals. The three round merge instrumentals with Kraftwerk-like hooks and ethereal vocals. Their sound stood out like a sore-thumb in the line-up, as they possess an authentic live performance style. Plus the inclusions of violins are always a cool surprise in most sets.

Bearing a Gibson Epiphone on stage, Laurel brings a refreshing set to one of the last sets of the evening. Laurel played alone on stage yet the atmosphere felt thriving. Her performance of songs like ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Maybe Baby’ contained pristine-like minimalism that felt and sounded totally believable.

The kind of set Throws put on is more than proportionate to this venue. The shuddering sub-bass and wailing guitar tracks felt at home to the crowd. An act that nods heads to Bon Iver, their infectious set ushered moments of brilliantly echoed vocals and lush distorting 808 beats.  They’re one to watch for sure.

A name you may recognise from a show that we’re hosting in the not-so-distant future, Manchester huddle Spring King headlined the all day event. To me, their set summed what independent venue week was all about, a filled venue room and a growing sound that represents cities. With a radiating energy, the buzzing indie-pop act included set inclusions like ‘Who Are You? and ‘Detroit’, they brought a great closing set to the day.