What’s New? 1.2.17 (Superorganism, Rex Orange County, A Festival A Parade)

What’s New? brings you 3 new tracks for essential listening every week.


Superorganism – something for your M.I.N.D

There’s not much to know about Superorganism, only that they’re based in Maine/London and are “EIGHT AND MULTIPLYING”, the next super group? Who’s to know, but this sticky, bumbling electronic track with its mellow vocal is certainly like nothing else you’ll hear all week. Think Glass Animals if they let their hair down.



Rex Orange County – Best Friend

Rex’s previous single ‘UNO’ was on repeat for weeks at TMB HQ, and the same is surely due for ‘Best Friend’. A sweet and innocent ode to one you love, a joyous and enjoyable instrumental beneath his passionate vocals. At times the track sounds like an elevator soundtrack, but the most uplifting one you’ve ever experienced.



A Festival, A Parade – People Person

North East-rockers A Festival, A Parade make a serious point on new single ‘People Person’ which focusses on mental illness, a topic that needs to be discussed more in the music industry entirely. The band have said “The take-home message from the song (if there is one) would be to just make sure you make time for people who might need someone to talk to”.