PREMIERE: James Leonard Hewitson – Shy Of Hard Work

If you’ve followed Too Many Blogs for a while, you’ll know that despite being based in Manchester, we’re no strangers to the sheer magnitude of incredible musicians shooting up in Hartlepool. Just check back on our What’s New posts from the last year, there’s plenty to choose from, including today’s hot premiere.

James Leonard Hewitson is one of the few solo artists breaking out from the North East region, but easily overall one of the most exciting. Not one to restrict or constrain himself, Hewitson’s two previous singles went from sweet indie pop to compelling post-punk. Now, ‘Shy Of Hard Work’ is an animated and sprightly, blink and you’ll miss it track with bundles of lo-fi jangly guitars and positive vibes.

Keep an eye out for this one, exciting times ahead for sure…