What’s New? Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – let gO Of my egO

Never before have I seen a song title so perfectly epitomise its own sound. Ups and downs, dynamic and unpredictable, but with a common theme continually returned to and hence embellished.

“Let go of my ego now” Nnamdi Ogbonnaya sings, breathes, raps, whispers, exclaims, questions, there’s just too much expression in this new track from Ogbonnaya’s upcoming record Drool. Out via Father/Daughter and Sooper Records 3rd March, Drool is looking to be one the upcoming year’s highlights if it’s quality remains so sky high.

Let’s hope Ogbonnaya can keep his ego in check if this blows up.

Pre-order Drool here (vinyl/digital) or here (cd/digital/pins)