What’s New? 4.1.17 (Continental Breakfast, The Bay Rays, Mega Emotion)

What’s New? brings you 3 new tracks for essential listening every week.


 Continental Breakfast – Stop Slut-Shaming Me, Mom

Personally I prefer a full English if you were making me a morning meal, but that’s not how they do it in NYC. This continental trio don’t actually make food, just real tasty garage-rock. ‘Stop Slut-Shaming Me, Mom’ is the last track on their EP ‘The Dinner Island Demos’ and the best of a good bunch. Keep an eye on these ones.



The Bay Rays – Satisfaction

Since being on tour with Slaves and Estrons, The Bay Rays have been working hard on their debut EP – out in March. ‘Satisfaction’ is “about wanting to escape your social anxieties” according to frontman Harry Nicoll. With whirling guitars and upbeat shouts, The Bay Rays definitely satisfied my need for a top tune today.



Mega Emotion – OK MAYBE OK

Squealing guitars and distraught vocals, emotion has never been so mega. Deep and expansive synths infuse themselves throughout the track, coming out to tread into your unsuspecting eardrums and change everything. Intermittent happy-go-lucky cowbell is refreshing and welcomed before the screaming chorus. MEGA. EMOTION.