PREMIERE: Party Hardly – Friendly Feeling

Love can seem like an alien concept at times, and it’s never been more apparent than in Party Hardly’s new video for ‘Friendly Feeling’ – premiering right here on Too Many Blogs.

Meet Tsungatmi, Loola, Zorlax, Spider and our old friend Arnie – the stars from the stars of this feature presentation. Or they could just be some friends with alien masks in Leeds, but come on, that’s way less fun. A tale of love, heartbreak and deception with a perfect dose of classic Terminator 2 lines, Party Hardly show us what really happens if you cry over spilt milk. Or “murk” as it’s pronounced in Loola’s mother tongue.

The Leeds-quartet have had a great year of gigs, festivals and this is surely only the beginning. ‘Friendly Feeling’ is a prime example of Party Hardly’s DIY guitar-pop they seem to produce so effortlessly. “There’s an element of humour to this track, we tried not to take ourselves too seriously, you can probably tell once you watch the music video” says Tom Barr, PH’s frontman. So let’s do that shall we…



Party Hardly play Indie Banquet @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds TONIGHT. Info here!