What’s New? W.H. Lung – Inspiration!

7-minute psychedelic transformations aren’t often my preference, but on very rare occasions a track comes around that changes that. Come meet W.H. Lung – the Manchester 3-piece that ‘coincidentally’ share the name with their local Chinese supermarket – who are bringing kraut back to town.

Post-punk guitars and reverb for days, the vocals mimic David Byrne as they scream ‘Inspiration!’, popping and hopping from side to side, who knows where the track will go next. Every idea unexpected and surprising yet flowing perfectly from one to the other. Recorded with Matt Peel, super-producer responsible for multiple Autobahn, Pulled Apart by Horses and Eagulls releases.

‘Inspiration!’ is out now via the project’s own label Hed Glo Inc.

Download this single now from Soundcloud here for a limited time only.