Our favourite tracks of last month: November 16

Keeping up with all of the new music that our site posts can be tough, I know. So we’ve compiled this new feature together for you!

This was quite successful in its first month, so we’re bringing it back! On the first of each month, we’ll get together and pick a few of our favourite tracks from the previous 28/30/31 days. Easy to check and quick to read.

Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White – Look At What The Light Did Now (chosen by James Hughes)

When you’re a fan of both Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White’s work, it’s a welcome surprise to stumble upon a track that they’ve done together. Although it is a cover, it sounds like an M.E. White song with Flo’s vocals over the top – and they blend brilliantly. A definite highlight of November and a great taster of their upcoming covers record.


Slumbers – Battle (chosen by Elli Brazzill)

A track I loved with such intensity after just one listen, yet somehow forgot to write about a month ago. These 3 gals from NY produce beautifully relaxed yet anxious music, ‘Battle’s gentle harmonies and sultry sax solo make it one of the best under the radar tracks this month.


Joey Fourr – Uhmericka (chosen by Daisy Summerfield)

What better way to drown your sorrows over Trump’s election than by whacking on some sparkling dream-pop from Joey Fourr? ‘Uhmericka’ is an analysis of the USA’s current political and materialistic state; consumerism has never sounded so catchy.


Amaroun – If This Is (chosen by Chris Graham)

Peckham-based group Amaroun has an intricate approach to folk and pop music, so to me their album release next year is going to be really exciting. ‘If This Is’ is incredibly minimalistic, that presents a soft arrangement with an omnichord lying in the core of the song. The power in the vocal and instruments shakes me with every listen.


Flume – Heater (chosen by James Hughes)

Staying true to his word regarding wanting to only release EP’s and one off tracks going forward, Flume dropped a new 4-track on us during November. The EP sounds, in the most part, like a collection of songs that didn’t make it onto Skin, but Heater is the exception to that rule.


Also, a special shout-out to Willie J Healey who certainly released our favourite video of November.