What’s New? 30.11.16 (Rex Orange County, Poppies, Dominic Wolf)

What’s New? brings you 3 new tracks for essential listening every week.


  Rex Orange County – UNO

The 18-year old everyone wants to know right now, Rex Orange County’s relaxed rapping style over simple beats is totally refreshing. “Maybe I should fuck it and be happy instead” he wonders on ‘UNO’, the first track Rex has released in over a year. Although not similar musically, Rex feels reminiscent of Tyler, the Creator when he was coming out of obscurity, both feeling ultimately unique in their field.



Poppies – Told

Melancholic track ‘Told’ from NY’s newest and finest tells a story full of emotion and tragedy, both the male and female vocals from Poppies are two of my favourite voices I’ve heard this year. There’s a new video to accompany it which perfectly odd, gut-wrenching and brilliant in equal measure as it shows an old lady dealing with the death of her dog – but this isn’t any old dog – I’ll let you watch to find out for yourself.


Dominic Wolf – Tightrope

New track ‘Tightrope’ from Dominic Wolf has something for everyone. Beginning with electronic roots, synthesised drums and reverb-ridden vocals in a presumably chilled out track, everything changes by the end for a more guitar focused and King Krule-esque dissonant indie outro. Full of mystery and intrigue, Wolf is one to watch for sure.