What’s New? Marine – Red Fruit

I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about Marine. I don’t know where they’re from, or what their names are or any kind of history about the band – and I’m not going to pretend to. 

What I do know, however, is that I found the track hidden within the depths of my inbox and knew that I wanted to tell all you good people about it. If you like early sounding Fiona Apple (the vocals) and some early PJ Harvey/Warpaint, then you’re very likely to love this track.

So here is ‘Red Fruit’. Press play and then scroll down a little bit. I’ve pasted all their PR stuff so that we can learn more about them together. Aren’t I nice!

Red Fruit is partly about how magnetic trouble is, and partly about having belief in something without proof in a relationship. It traces the outline of the tale of Snow White, but in a kind of half dreamy way. The lyrics hint at a wicked stepmother, and the curiosity towards the red apple and through the characters of Orpheus of Eurydice, the story resolves on the theme of trust. Red fruit is a slow number, but soul and grunge influences swell throughout. This song is a love song, through and through.

Marine grew in the gaps between the concrete of the city, with four very different stories combining into one. Intuitive beats mix with hypnotic bass, whilst the two vocals of Cara Sebastian and Ruby Jack braid together over hooky guitar lines.

The songs of Marine are crystallised from mythology and fables, mingling with personal words and emotions to form tales of the ordinary and extraordinary. They describe themselves as ‘Fable Electric’, a genre all their own, combining their fascination of the underworld, Seal demons, mighty Kraken, werewolves, witches and gods…. even questioning the very nature of storytelling itself.

Drawing parallels with Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, and Warpaint, these audacious girls have been running their own show, touring Europe and the UK and quickly building a cult following in Berlin and London flogging countless handmade CDs and artwork. Their first festival season together last summer saw dynamite shows at Secret Garden Party, Shambala and more, leading to support from BBC6 Music. Their story is just beginning as they delve deeper into their concept, having just proudly finished their debut album with a producer they greatly admire; Rob Ellis (Anna Calvi, PJ Harvey, Cold Specks).

Marine is Cara Sebastian (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Ruby Jack (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Beth Dariti (Bass) Kaja Magsam (Drums).