A Year in the Life of Roxanne de Bastion: October

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You have a new single out and an album on the way, tell us more!

Yes! Lots of things happening – The single is out on November 17th and is available for pre-order on iTunes now: hyperurl.co/cnl6tn

The music video is out now too! It’s an animation by Graeme Maguire (my partner in video crime, this is the fourth one we’ve done together). It’s very much part two to my previous video, Rerun. The two songs are connected in several strange ways. The two horses represent the two different generations, that of my grandfather, who was the main inspiration behind the album and the now.

The album is all finished. I’m just working on the artwork now and doing all the unsexy, behind the scenes stuff. It will be out next year. Looking forward to sharing more news soon.

What have you been up to this last month?

Since we last spoke, I had one final day of mixing the album. It’s really exciting – definitely an album conceived to be listened through from start to finish (with an A-side and B-side!) and I can’t wait to share it.

The biggest thing was the RUN single launch show in London I think! It was my first full band show in a really long time and it was the first time some of the new songs were played in public. The venue was packed, full of lovely people..! I’m so happy and grateful for the support. Some of the people that were at the show have been coming to my gigs for years. Literally years.


What has been your highlight?

Well, that! The show was the definite highlight. I always feel a lot of pressure before a release show.. all that was taken right off my shoulders when people started climbing up the stairs to the Old Queen’s Head. There was such a lovely vibe in the room. Both support acts, Lauren Rey and Zoe Konez were just amazing as well. I had a great time! Hope everybody else did too!

What about a lowlight (if any)?

Oh, just the state of the world…

Has any new music made a mark on you?

Not new music, but I’ve been listening to Imogen Heap’s 2015 album “Speak for Yourself” and Laura Marling’s “Short Movie” album a lot. I mean… A LOT.

What’s next for Roxanne de Bastion?

On November 26th, I’m hosting From Me To You, a one-day music conference specifically from and for musicians. It’s a little project I started three years ago and I’m so pleased it’s growing into a thing! 🙂 Imogen Heap is actually giving a keynote this year! We have two panels, two keynotes and some inspirational talks by amazing DIY musicians. Then it’s off to Germany for a ten-day tour.