PREMIERE: Hot Shorts’ self-titled debut album

Manchester’s answer to Weezer, Hot Shorts take music back to basics. Since forming in 2013, the band have gained kudos and popularity in the city for their outrageously fun songs and top quality live show. 3 years in, the 4-piece have translated their brilliant live set into a 12-track debut album. It is available to pre-order on Bandcamp right here, with plenty of exclusive bundles that could be yours and listen below!

Crunchy guitars and almost-sarcastic vocal approach, Hot Shorts’ style is completely their own. Lyrical topics of all shapes and sizes regarding insecurity, awkwardness, the internet age, social media and how to do a dance move called “the crab”. Now a recorded favourite but already a live one, ‘do the crab’ usually sees frontman Chris Killen step off the stage to put his “hands in the air and start to grab” and step side to side before the audience.

Have the intense urge to see this before your very eyes? Well, that can be arranged. Hot Shorts’ album is released this Friday 18th, Manchester’s Star & Garter hosting the launch party. Support from Grotbags, Secret Admirer – find details and tickets here.