Our favourite tracks of last month: October 16

Keeping up with all of the new music that our site posts can be tough, I know. I get over 100 emails a day with links to new music and barely get through 5% of it.

So, here’s a new, simple feature. On the first of each month, we’ll get together and pick a few of our favourite tracks from the previous 28/30/31 days. Easy to check and quick to read, that’s the boxes ticked.


BEACHTAPE – Rearranging My Ways

“Featuring the catchiest chorus of this past month and the all too familiar twang of Brighton’s slacker scene, ‘Rearranging My Ways’ is a burst of bittersweet pop to get you through the winter gruel”


James Leonard Hewitson – The Screen

Hartlepool’s James Leonard Hewitson shows his diversity on this new track about technology, a huge change from his previous acoustic lament.


Trudy and the Romance – My Baby’s Gone Away

“Trudy and the Romance have gone full steam ahead with releasing top quality singles, ‘Baby’s Gone Away’ is a new favourite.”


Girl Ray – Trouble

Recently signed to Moshi Moshi, London trio, Girl Ray released Trouble, their first single on the label. It’s got hooks aplenty and a stupidly catchy chorus.


EL VY – Are These My Jets

Are These My Jets is EL VY’s anti-Trump song. It’s fun, it features a children’s choir and it has lyrics like “walrus dick jewelry for everyone in America”. What’s not to love?


Amber Coffman – All to Myself

Former/current (nobody really knows) Dirty Projectors member, Amber Coffman, released her debut solo track called All to Myself. It’s a fantastic, slow-swaying ballad. My personal favourite of October.