What’s New? YOWL – Saturday Drag

It may be Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a drag. Sounding like if Courtney Barnett wrote a song for Parquet Courts, Peckham boys YOWL are back with their fourth single. Plodding through the intro, the slacker mentality is all but subtle at the start of this track but there’s a lot more up their sleeve, choruses full of outrageous noise are a perfect change of pace.

‘Saturday Drag’ is a convoluted story of many different aspects of life, poetic and sometimes bleak, ending in an eventual trip to the doctors for being so down “he gave me that valium, so then I took that valium and now I need more valium”. A 5-minute in-depth look into the minds of this 5-piece, the literal ups and downs of life offered up on a plate. Intriguing and idiosyncratic, there’s much more to come from YOWL, I can feel it.

Head down to Peckham on October 29th to catch YOWL’s EP Launch Party w/ Thee MVPs, Chest Pains, Partly Hardly, Big Bug & Esuna. Attend the event here.