A Year in the Life of Roxanne de Bastion: September

If you have missed the previous editions of this feature, then you can catch up at the links below and then come back to find out what has happened since.

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What have you been up to this last month?

September came and went so quickly! I had a couple of little shows, one in North London for the lovely Blue Monday night, a showcase at Cafe Nero and of course the amazing No. 6 Festival with the “Voices of the Revolution”. I also hosted a couple of artist event for the FAC, one with Imogen Heap in London and one with Jeremy Pritchard in Leeds. There were also quite a lot of meetings, scheming and very tedious admin…

What has been your highlight?

I was invited to speak at the university of music in Vienna on the topic of self-management. It was a really great experience – I’d never been to Vienna (and love Schnitzel), got to sit on a panel with Stevie Wonder’s manager, Keith Harris and music producer Steve Power – a lovely bunch of people and it was also still summer over there, so that was a highlight.

Another highlight was finalising my first single off the new album. ‘Run’ is now officially mixed, mastered and set for release on…..drumroll… November 17th! It goes on pre-sale on October 20th, so please do spread the word!

I am so excited for everyone to get a first taste of the new album. I’m celebrating the release with a full band show at the Old Queen’s Head in London. Tickets available here: https://www.musicglue.com/roxanne-de-bastion/events/2-nov-16-run-single-launch–old-queens-head/

What about a lowlight (if any)?

Just being a bit burnt out from the last six months really.. sometimes (actually pretty much all the time) things don’t happen as quickly or turn out quite as you’d hoped. I was hoping to have more shows in the calendar for the UK for October & November. I’ve decided to focus on the release now and on the album tour next year. I’m trying to get used to not being on the road all the time.

Has any new music made a mark on you?

My friend Gitta De Ridder has released her debut album, feathers, it’s beautifully crafted acoustic songs, highly recommend it to anyone who like Anais Mitchell and 1960’s Singer / Songwriters.

What’s the plan for the next month?

I’m very much looking forward to playing at the sold out Green Note on October 16th. Presented by Blue Mondays and getting my song ‘Run’ into the world…