Album Review: Groenland – A Wider Space

Groenland takes on an immersive and lavish pop sound that’s quite unlike anything else that will embrace your ears. With hearing talk about their late sophomore album, ‘A Wider Space’, that Marcus Paquin, (who’s worked with household names including Local Natives, Arcade Fire and The National) was taking the production lead, I was only suspicious of finally hearing it.

Moments into the album opener ‘Nothing Personal’ it unravels to me; resemblances to Kate Nash with mellow keyboard tones and the use of reflective lyrics. Cuts like ‘The Weather’ wrap in jazzy vibrato vocals and plucked strings that all make for such exciting moments on the album. Quirky trumpets, shimmering synth swells; I can see their prestigious sound as a more mannered St Vincent & David Byrne collaboration. Trumpet pumping anthems and strings that tell stories and capture the core essence throughout most of the album.

The whole listening experience feels theatrical in the movement of the album, audience applause after the opening track and the emergence of a soft ballad in ‘Cabin’ all hint at this. ‘Against the Odds’ strikes poignant chord progressions and foretelling in the lyrics. It’s in the track ‘Appalaches’, that soft and memorable statements I hear like “It’s a lonely road to walk, to be the one to make your own luck” stand out in the album. Relatable lyrics and song arrangements that pace similar to a story, helps bridge the gap between the listener and the artist.

With Groenland’s stylish use of instrumentation and exciting lyrical concepts, ‘A Wider Space’ definitely makes for one of the most impressive albums of this year.

Released on 16th September via Bonsound