What’s New? Mulàn – Night & Onism

Having received an intimidating black envelope posted to me, I open it cautiously to find only a small jigsaw puzzle. I gasp when the first puzzle piece reads with the word “Don’t” staring directly at me. Moving on, I solve this and lay my eyes on a band name logo with ‘Mulàn’. Is the lack of information meant to resemble our ‘knowledge’ of the world, like how much we know of the famous Chinese warrior? Who knows? I continue to find a website and password link and a full but short sentence “Don’t crash when money talks”.

The featured track ‘Night’ is so disjointed and seductive, it embodies a future electronica styled foundation and layered with the group’s sophisticated blend of dark pop and funk.

A US flag and a police car is what I seem to make out in the center of the web page. I hover my mouse over the stars on the American flag and I come across a link to another song. Onism is “being aware of how little the world you will experience”, the insanity, love and the transparency of the instruments provide this. Plus, the lack of personal connection makes their arrival even more intriguing. The dark night backdrop sets the scene, only intensifying my fixation with what’s next from this artist.