What’s New? 14.9.16 (A Festival, A Parade, New Portals, Martha)

What’s New? brings you 3 new tracks for essential listening every week.

 A Festival, A Parade – If Dogs Could Talk…

Can the North East stop producing incredible music right now? It’s just getting silly now. This Newcastle quartet produce exhilarating alt rock. The mysterious vocal brings to mind Win Butler at his gloomier moments and combined with math-inspired drums the track explodes into an enigmatic and anthemic treat for the ears.



New Portals – Cage

Brooding synths and hypnotic vocals are the immediate hook that drags you in on new track ‘Cage’ from Belfast duo New Portals. Silky smooth electronic indie with a strong chorus and catchy melody give this pop tune its ultimate appeal. I’m expecting to hear it on Radio 1 soon, not that I have any influence on that, but that would be cool.



Martha – Precarious (Supermarket Song)

A fun filled video for ‘Precarious (Supermarket Song)’ is one of our favourites this month. Taken off the new album Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart out now via Fortuna POP! the video “tells the story of a bourgeoning romance which begins in a supermarket but is interrupted almost immediately by a peculiar wardrobe mishap.”