What’s New? Maddie Ross – Cruel Is The Love

“When did you become everything I loathe?” Maddie Ross questions in her new track ‘Cruel Is The Love’ as gritty guitars and tight drums start this upbeat anthem. Ross sings with varied attitude, often sweet and seemingly harmless, she has a darker side – abrasive yet sincere as her vocals distort and lead into the final chorus “I’m just a girl and the rest just comes naturally.” Sounding more early 90s than ever, hints of The Breeders come through as the gorging grunge-pop song comes to a close. It makes sense, Ross isn’t shy of the fact that she’s “sick of the 80s”.

‘Cruel Is The Love’ follows last month’s ‘Make Me A Safe Place’, both from Ross’ upcoming 3-track EP Making Out Is Easy. Ross writes songs full of bittersweet tales, brilliant lyricism and brutal honesty. This track outlines the struggles of arguments between you and your partner, Ross has been dating her girlfriend and producer Madison Scheckel for almost 3 years “we have a rule that if we are in an argument we always have to say sorry before we go to bed. This song is just a really playful tale about kissing and making up!”


Kiss and make up with ‘Cruel Is The Love’ right now on Soundcloud