A Year in the Life of Roxanne de Bastion: August

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What have you been up to this last month?

August came and went super quickly. I spent three days in Brighton, working on my album with producer Peter Miles and Gershwin the studio cat. I also got to take part in some amazing events, such as ’50 Years Revolver’ and ‘Voices of the Revolution’. I’ve had a few interesting music meetings and hope to have more news to share very soon.

You’ve just played at Festival No.6, right? Tell us more!

As I started typing this, I was on a shuttle bus from Bangor station, on my way to Festival No. 6, drinking a mojito out of a can… not sure why that’s important, but just painting a picture for you! I got to perform at Festival No. 6 as part of a project called “Voices of the Revolution”. A group of women from all across the world (from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Venezuela to Egypt and Bangladesh) came together to collaborate. I got to perform two of my songs with them, which was quite an amazing experience. Music overcomes all, language barriers and national borders – it was amazing to get to know these super talented women and get to see them perform a couple of times throughout the festival. If you haven’t been, Festival No. 6 is pretty special – definitely one of the best Festival sites I’ve been too. Despite the rain ant the mud (SO much mud – my guitar cables, case and my boots are still covered in them!), it was pretty special.

What has been your highlight?

August’s highlight was definitely our 50-year celebration show of the Beatles’ “Revolver”. I teamed up with one of my favourite promoters, Liverpool Acoustic, to put on a show at Leaf. The idea was to play through Revolver, together with a bunch of amazing musicians and featured their original material in the second half of the night. We managed to sell out… I can’t tell you how overwhelming it was to see a tiny idea grow into an actual thing that worked (not my most eloquent moment, but you know what I mean..!). It was a really emotional evening… I just never thought I’d get to perform those songs together with amazing musicians in front of a full house and do all this for charity (all money raised went to music charity ‘In Place of War’). We got featured in the Liverpool Echo, BBC Merseyside and had so much support from local radio, blogs, etc.. thank you so much to all the musicians who helped make this evening such a success and a night to remember. I’m still buzzing and this is a month ago now!

50 Years Revolver

What about a lowlight (if any)?

If any, lowlights have just been a lack of energy. The festival, although great fun, was really exhausting with very little sleep for three nights. It’s all been a little non-stop between finishing up the record, trying to have lots of meetings, planning things for the months ahead and…celebrating my Birthday 🙂 Although the latter was obviously totally self-inflicted and fun.

Has any new music made a mark on you?

I recommend having a listen to Eleanor Nelly (she performed an amazing rendition of Good Day’s Sunshine at the 50 Year’s Revolver event).

And here’s Cary Rosa, one of the Voices of the Revolution ladies:

What’s the plan for the next month?

September is going to be busy. Finishing the record is number one on the to-do list. I’m hosting a few music events for the Featured Artist Coalition and PRS and am going to Vienna towards the end of the month to talk about self-management to music students. I’m going to announce my London single launch show very soon, so please stay tuned for that!