ASFTD #375: F.O.X – I Want To Know

There’s something so infectious about mixing retro samples and blending contemporary together. F.O.X nail this by sampling a 50’s track in ‘I Want To Know and it a whole new life, with a blend of new lyrics and fresh hooks. Their impressive use of sampling, which appears unorthodox, carries weight with the band’s subtle arrangements that fits the glove.

Front-woman Mitzi Fox gives some reasons as to why the band decided to push this sample as the driving force. She explains that she “instantly fell in love with the singers powerful, haunting and engaging voice and catchy hooks”.

I hear a particular mystique and sassiness to their sound, like a sort of James Bond stylistic. I find it so easy to cling to every lyric in this track. Dreamy guitar licks, trumpets and sultry vocals what’s not to like about this?

As previously announced the band is planning to release this single on the 22nd September.

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