Interview: A Conversation With Private Island

It’s been less than a month after the release of Private Island’s second EP Sunbreak and the ball keeps on rolling for the band. Exciting singles ‘Drugs’ and ‘Enough’ respectively with almost 400K and 500K plays respectively immediately caught our eyes and ears here at TMB. We had a chat with lead singer Christian (@supreme_quart) about how the band came together and the SoCal scene.


So, there’s 6 of you in the band. How did you all come together?

3 of us were in a rival gang against the other 3, repping our respective corners and blocks. Through our love of music, we decided to accept each other’s differences and embrace them, rather than continue this savage, self-perpetuation of hate crimes.

Where’d the name come from?

It’s an acronym for something insanely secret

How would you describe your music to someone who’d never heard it before?

Beach groove rock, I guess.

You’re based in Southern California. Being from the UK, I hear lots about Cali and San Fran, but not SoCal in particular. What makes it so special?

I feel like a lot you hear about California might be referencing Southern. For me, I grew up here and it’s my home. I like everything about it.

Any live dates coming up?

We are playing our first ever show in San Francisco on the 25th of August. Followed by the Constellation Room in Orange County on the 27th and The Echo in LA on September 8th.

What are some other bands from your area our readers should know about? I’m a big fan of Day Wave and Foliage…

HUNNY and Kid Bloom rip

Your 2nd EP Sunbreak came out a few weeks ago, how’s the reception to it been?

Good. You know we felt like we released the two best songs as singles (Enough and Drugs). But we’ve had a fantastic reception to the other 3 and we were happy to get the project out into the world.

How does it compare to your last EP A Good Luck?

A Good Look we were trying to capture a more live sound, where the new EP Sunbreak is more of a refined / studio sound.

The video for ‘Drugs’ is really cool. How did you come up with the concept?

We wanted to capture the nostalgia we get from our hometown in Ventura county. So we got together with our good friend and director of the video, Anthony Pham, who is also from there, and brainstormed a way for us to capture that. Community pools were a big part of growing up in that area, and the concept kind of just snowballed from there.

Seeing as this is the What’s New? section, what are your favourite new bands/tunes?

Smino, based out of Chicago. I’m really liking King Croll right now. Rationale, the guy has a really unique voice. Also Kins new album. Nick Hakim, Cherry Blazer, BRONCHO, HONNE, Fly Golden Eagle, UMO, Jungle, PILLOWTALK- Zayne…exclusively