What’s New? 13.7.16 (NONA, James Leonard Hewitson, Doe)

What’s New? brings you 3 new tracks for essential listening every week.

NONA – Otherways

Solo project of LA’s Michael Goldman, aka NONA, is here with new single ‘Otherways’. High in the sky, totally dreamy guitars start off this track as Goldman’s sultry vocals begin, slipping and sliding “you know I wanna have it otherways”. The chorus escalates this track unexpectedly into setting a very 90s indie scene, and it really works to bring the whole song together. There’s definitely something special about NONA, he’s doing something right, let’s see what more there is to come.


James Leonard Hewitson – Care Less, Love Less

Don’t be blindly putting Hartlepool boy James Leonard Hewitson into that – 3 name male guitar- category, he’s much more than that. Hewitson has put out his unique mark on the world in the form of his first official single ‘Care Less, Love Less’. The sweet hook of “just because you care less, doesn’t mean you are careless” is beautifully complemented by laid-back and very melodic guitar, settling into this almost “anti-folk” style. Watch out Benjamin Francis Leftwich and James Vincent McMorrow, there’s a new kid in town. 


Doe – Sincere

“I don’t believe you’re sincere” are the words consistently condemned throughout this track from London DIY indie-punkers Doe. The 3-piece have been spreading their joyous tunes for a few years now, and this track just again confirms their excellence. Strong and unpredictable harmonies flow through the chorus before a brilliantly disjointed solo. The brand new video shows the band and friends sitting and eating in their flat, cutting away to shots of the band as loose spaghetti and pork pies fly around behind them. It’s alarmingly mesmerising. ‘Sincere’ is out now via Old Flame Records.