Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Arts Club, Liverpool – 22/06/16

If there’s anything that I’ve learnt from seeing Unknown Mortal Orchestra live over the last year, it’s that you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

On this evening at the Arts Club in Liverpool, the entertainment also came from the support, in the form of Alex Cameron. Cameron is an Australian who appears obsessed with being hydrated, making sure to call for some water from his stage partner, business partner and saxophonist, ‘Roy’, after every song. He even had a song, ‘She’s Mine’ that featured the lyrics “it’s just water, taste it, I promise, it’s just water”. On August 19th he releases his new record, I’d recommend checking it out.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra quickly demonstrated their talent for holding a crowd by kicking off with ‘From The Sun’, the opening track on ‘II’. The record being well represented over the course of the evening. Ruban Nielson also repeatedly demonstrated his own talents. From being able to adorn a sparkly baseball cap and still manage to look cool or climbing atop the PA system during ‘Stage or Screen’ to his insane abilty on the guitar.

There’s a momentum that’s impressively kept throughout the show at all times too. Whether it be kept up via an extended drum solo during second track ‘How Can U Luv Me’ that went straight into ‘Ur Life One Night’. Some of the jam sessions that happened after tracks did border on being more fun for the band than the crowd but they never quite reached that point. It was most notable during the one track that did break the pace, ‘So Good At Being In Trouble’.

Surprisingly, for an act with three albums, the set was only 50 minutes in length before the encore. ‘FFunny FFrends’ being one of the irresistible later highlights. The addition of a trumpet during ‘Necessary Evil’ was also a great call. The jam session that followed the track being a lot more interesting than some of the others that had come before it.

Less surprising was the night coming to a close with ‘Can’t Keep Checking My Phone’. The Liverpool crowd had been anxiously waiting for this track which was made all the more clearer by the explosion of skyward limbs when the chorus first kicked in. As Unknown Mortal Orchestra departed I think that the Arts Club would be in agreement with me about the good time guarantee.