ASFTD #348: Spector – Born In The EU

Today is an extremely important day in the history of our country. It’s the day we decide whether to leave or stay in the European Union, the outcome of which will affect everything we know and live with every day. The decision to politically align your personal beliefs publicly has become more popular in the age of social media, yet the political statements in music seem to have declined for decades previous to today. Some musicians are happier to keep their opinions quiet, but others are standing up for what they think is right.

Established indie idols Spector released the clearest attempt at a political statement yet, with new track ‘Born In The EU’. It’s a song written by frontman Fred Macpherson and ex-Spector guitarist Chris Burman in 2013, but they felt the need to release the previously unfinished track due to the current climate. Macpherson wrote an open letter regarding the song and today’s vote – “I’m not gonna tell you how to vote, just vote” is a popular internet adage, and though I can’t disagree with the sentiment, this one seems a little too big to keep our opinions to ourselves. Unlike a general election we won’t get another chance in five years. For me, the vote comes down to what sort of country we are. Are we outward looking and internationalist? Or inward looking, parochial and xenophobic.” Read his full letter here.

As Macpherson says “the lesson of the last hundred years is that humanity is at its best when breaking down barriers, whether physical, philosophical or spiritual.” And this referendum determines whether we want to keep an open Europe or build up those protective walls separating us from fellow countries and people who we can exchange, learn and share with. We are certainly better and stronger united rather than divided. I’m voting IN, and I hope you’ll do the same. And listen to Spector’s song while you’re at it.