A Year in the Life of NZCA LINES: May

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What have you been up to since we last spoke?

We finished off our UK tour with Teleman, which went well. We actually played the whole thing as a duo, me and Sarah, which we’re doing more and more. Charlotte is super busy touring with Birdy – when my brother Gabriel is free he’s been playing with us which is great, but it seems to work with the two of us pretty well. Which is obviously quite convenient! We also played Are You Listening festival in Reading – in a church, no less.

Other than that, we played a showcase event thing at the Gibson headquarters in Soho .. which meant I had to play a Gibson guitar. I asked to use a white doubleneck because I thought it would be hilarious (and cool), but unfortunately there wasn’t a way to mute one neck whilst you play the other, which seems bizarre .. so it was a bit useless, and anyway we didn’t have much time. So I ended up using a Kramer guitar with a floyd rose tremelo (I guess Gibson own Kramer ..). I only have a picture of our producer Charlie Alex March playing on the doubleneck, so here it is.

Charlie + doubleneck

April 30th was a pretty huge day because my brother was getting married. Me, Joe and Oscar from Metronomy and our friend Owen (from Monty’s Deli) were the wedding band for the evening party. We were called Terminal Velocity, and it was officially the greatest band any of us have ever been in. I was very sad when it was all over.

In between shows I did a talk at my old uni, Camberwell College of Arts, which included a bit of tutoring too. Then, me and Sarah did a music workshop for the students, which basically involved bringing in a load of equipment and making a track through sampling, synths, drum machines etc. … pretty chaotic but good fun.

We also made a TV appearance for BT Sport on Football Tonight, which was a bit strange but actually very enjoyable, good people. The last show we played was The Great Escape this Saturday, which went really well despite being a long day for us. Three in one – though I heard of some people playing eight shows in a day!!!

Anything that stood out in particular?

The wedding was a pretty huge one, obviously. A pretty crazy one was meeting David Ginola, who was a guest on Football Tonight. He’s a silver fox – but the EVEN CRAZIER thing is that just days afterwards, he had a heart attack whilst playing football in the south of France and had emergency quadruple bypass heart surgery! He nearly died! And the guy seemed so healthy. Really makes you worry about your own body.

Was there anything you’d have done differently?

Maybe told David to lay off the cheese? He was eating a lot of cheese at the aftershow party. Apart from that, I wouldn’t change anything, rather learn from what’s happened going forwards.

What do you make of A Moon Shaped Pool?

After you asked me this I made sure I listened to it. I dunno, Radiohead just don’t appeal to me anymore. It sounds good but it’s not something I find I can take much from. I’m really pleased they’re still making music and releasing albums though, it’s pretty amazing given their career as a band. But yeah – I was more excited to watch Beyonce’s Lemonade, which while musically not consistently successful (for me), it’s an astounding statement for an artist to make.

What’s the plan for the next few weeks?

We’re playing at Hidden Door festival in Edinburgh this Friday, followed by How The Light Gets In down in Hay-on-Wye on Sunday. June is set to be pretty cool as we’re playing Field Day, then supporting Connan Mockasin for Guy Garvey’s Meltdown festival at the Southbank on the 15th.

terminal velocity flyer

Bristol Rise instore selfie

Bristol Rise instore vinyl

NZCA + Ginola