A Year in the Life of Roxanne de Bastion: April

If you have missed the previous editions of this feature, then you can catch up at the links below and then come back to find out what has happened since.

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What have you been up to since we last spoke?

We spoke last in a Cafe Nero in Manchester, right before my first UK headline tour kicked off! Since then, my song “Wasteland” has been added to the cafe Nero national playlist, how about that? If you hear it while you’re having a coffee, send a tweet my way!

On April 5th, we kicked off the UK tour in Leeds and went on to play shows in Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, London, Brighton, Milton Keynes and Cardiff. I’m currently on tour opening for US singer songwriter Hayes Carll (am writing this on a train from Newcastle down to London) – three more shows to go on this particular tour, which will take us to the end of April.

What worked/went better than expected?

We had two sold out shows on the tour (London and Liverpool). Liverpool was just amazing – a great crowd, really couldn’t have asked for more. Sheffield, Brighton and Milton Keynes were great too and went much better than I had expected. I’m so thankful to have had really attentive, wonderful crowds in places I’ve not gigged in much yet. It was a lot of stress putting on the tour, but now that it’s over I really want to do it all over again and hope to be back on the road later on this year with a new record. Wasteland also got its first national airplay on BBC6, which I’m super happy about (Thanks Tom Robinson!) – it was also included in the Fresh Favs and got a great write-up (link: http://freshonthenet.co.uk/2016/03/faves191/ ). I’ve been confirmed for a few Festivals for the summer, Cornbury Festival, Camden Rocks, plus a couple that I’m not allowed to announce yet…!

Was there anything that didn’t go to plan?

Yes. I fell ill and lost my voice in the middle of the tour. That was certainly not in my plan. Unfortunately the show I was looking forward to most (London) suffered from it (at least from my point of view). I hardly ever loose my voice, even when I’m feeling unwell, so that was a horrible feeling. I didn’t want to cancel any shows though, so just pushed through it and have had what feels like all the ginger and lemon in the universe. I’m better now and don’t want to see any ginger stems for a while now, thank you… Oh, remember I promised early bird ticket purchases some exclusive live performance videos? Hmm.. yes… that hasn’t happen yet, please accept my humble apologies, but I promise I will get around to it!

What’s next for Roxanne de Bastion?

I’ve got three more shows with Hayes Carll, then I’m off to Berlin to speak and perform at Re:publica Festival (link: https://re-publica.de/en) I’m going into the studio to continue work on the album once I’m back from Berlin.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see me on this tour and thank you Too Many Bogs for keeping me company this year.. here’s to the next eight months!