A Year in the Life of NZCA LINES: April

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How have things been since the last time we spoke?

Things have been going well thanks. After the Paris show we went and played a session for Lauren Laverne which was fun. I actually played a session for her back in 2012 with the first live incarnation of NZCA LINES, so it was nice to return and play the new songs. Also the band is so much more of a live group now – first time around I felt a bit self conscious that it was on backing, and I wasn’t confident with my singing at all. I’ve got a bit more experience now, and also we’re playing pretty much everything live, so it was fun to do things that way. What didn’t go so well though was i managed to swear on air .. the very last word I said in fact. ‘Pissed’. Is that a swear word? The first time I actually managed to say ‘fuck’, so we joked about me swearing again. My apologies to the BBC (my bad language has been edited out of the online version, for your streaming pleasure) –

You can listen back here still until the 19th:


Also we’ve not been playing with Charlotte, as she’s started to play with Birdy as well and they’re understandably busy. As such my [older] brother Gabriel (Stebbing) has been playing with us. He did the radio session – it’s been great, because as well as getting some bro time, he’s a fantastic musician. I used to play with him in Your Twenties (if you haven’t heard, stop wasting your life), and makes music as Night Works. He’s been playing with Christine & The Queens, who’s a French superstar and has started making waves in the US and UK. We actually both played on her album! Pretty much half each in fact.

Oh yes and we supported Christine & The Queens at her London show last month. That was cool – the audience was very French, very gay, tres cool.

Right now we’re on tour with the fabulous Teleman across the UK. The shows have been going well – we finally have copies of our vinyl to sell (after running out last month) and some super cool t-shirts too. The crowds have been receptive and people have been getting there early for us – i.e. their fans are good humans.

Any particular highlights?

We also had a feature in Q Magazine, which was quite exciting. It featured these pics from this awesome all-white photoshoot we did, very Smash Hits, so I was happy to see that in print. They put Two Hearts on their covermount CD too.

Non-NZCA related, but I took a brief trip to New York to visit my girlfriend at the end of March. I had a wonderful weekend, went up a tall building for the first time (30 Rock) and serendipitously caught LCD Soundsystem’s first comeback show. That was pretty cool, i’ve never seen a big city crowd so excited before.

Also I didn’t mention that we played our first show in MARGATE, at the Tom Thumb Theatre – one of the smallest theatres in Europe. It’s really, really small.

Anything in particular you’d have changed if you could?

I would have used a different description of inebriation live on national radio. Sozzled. Sloshed. Smashed. Twatted?

What’s coming over the next month?

We’ve got the second half of this Teleman tour to contend with – we’re playing London Koko on Thurs before finishing in Bristol on Friday. Then me and Sarah are Djing, and staying over Bristol to play an instore for Rise as part of Record Store Day 2016. We’re also playing a festival in Reading called Are You Listening on April 23rd.

Q magazine feature

nzca t shirt

Christine & The Queens

lcd soundsystem in NYC