A Year in the Life of NZCA LINES: March

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What have you been up to since we last spoke?

The main event of last month was obviously our headline tour of the UK! We also played Outlines festival in Leeds at the end of the month. We also played our first show for the album outside of the UK last week, which was a headline show in Paris.

How did the tour go?

It went very well, and the Manchester show in particular was great actually. It was sold out, and the first time I’ve come offstage, gone over to the merch stand and had a queue of people wanting to chat and buy an album. So that was nice. The rest of the regional shows went pretty well too, and we were blessed by good weather – sounds banal but it makes a huge difference. That drive between Manchester and Glasgow is incredibly scenic and really quite breathtaking if it’s not pelting down with rain. We listened mainly to Justin Bieber’s new album in the car.

We stayed with friends rather than staying in hotels, which was obviously primarily to save money, but you end up having a nicer time to boot. In Manc we stayed with our online PR Matthew, which also meant meeting some nice friends of his after the show for pints, and then in Glasgow stayed with our radio PR Ewan, which was bloody lovely. I’ve got a massive soft spot for Glasgow. It was all helped along by Ewan’s dog Marko.

Our London show at The Pickle Factory came off well too, which I was pretty nervous about if i’m honest. It was sold out, nothing went majorly wrong and i’m pretty sure I saw a few people dancing. Zooey, a French band (and couple) who are friends of mine DJ’d vinyl, which was amazing, they’re killer DJs. Funnily enough they’re responsible for the French intro to Infinite Summer. I had written a text which Marie translated, and Matthieu narrated for me. This show was also the first opportunity for me to wear a new costume, custom made for me by Anh Duong, a fashion designer friend of Sarah’s who also made her white jumpsuit she wears onstage.

What went better than expected?

I think the reaction at the Manchester show, I didn’t expect that. It wasn’t exactly replicated across the board either, and I guess Manchester is one of those places where people really get into live music and care about it quite a bit. Also the crowd at our Paris show last week, which was also sold out, were brilliant, it felt really exciting and again, there was some dancing and movement from the crowd, which is always nice.

Was there anything that didn’t go to plan? Why did it happen?

Despite the good reaction from the Manchester show, which was our first, a load of stuff actually technically went wrong, and I was getting pretty annoyed onstage. Basically I had a computer-related problem when we switched over from the support band, which i’ve since learned how to work around, but led to me kneeling onstage looking at a spinning ball of doom for a few minutes. This flustered me a bit, and we were a bit rushed going on, which wasn’t good for my voice. Then my guitar decided to stop working during Persephone Dreams, which put a lid on the whole duel guitar solo aspect!

But it was fine, no one actually noticed those things. It’s live music – but it’s all about figuring out a good routine for shows. With these small tours it’s difficult to find time to chill a bit just before you play, because you have to set up and you don’t have much time. But it’s really important – even just five minutes.

What’s next for NZCA LINES?

On the immediate horizon is our tour supporting Teleman in the UK next month, from April 1st-15th (minus the Birmingham and Cambridge dates). Pretty excited about that, their new singles are great and we played with them back in November, at By The Sea festival in Margate, so heard tracks from the new album then – it’s sounding pretty massive. So that should be a fun tour. We’re also playing a live session for Lauren Laverne on Monday 21st of March which i’m really looking forward to.

**Pictures of NZCA LINES performing in Paris and at Koko provided by Leo Stamps**


rehearsing for UK tour

northern sky

leeds headrow house soundcheck

Marko the dog in Glasgow