Wolf Alice – Manchester Academy – 10/03/16

With Ellie Rowsell on vocals and Joff Oddie manning the guitar, the band initially began as a two piece when the pair formed in 2010. Later joined Theo Ellis on bass and Joel Amey on drums and vocals; today they form Wolf Alice.

I miss Swim Deep by the time I arrive at Manchester Academy, but judging by how packed the room is, the band had impressed. Standing in the eager mass of already-sweating bodies staring at an empty stage has almost feeling of waking up too early on Christmas morning. I know something good is coming. We all do.

The North London originating quartet of Wolf Alice appear alongside a wailing intro which eventually becomes ‘Your Love’s Whore’. Ellie wears a white dress and is the figure of innocence until her signature screams get the crowd moving. In a time of such regurgitated music it’s rare to find a band so raw but here we have four individually talented musicians who aren’t afraid to play with the concept of professional.

Wolf Alice are not raising the bar; they are shrugging indifferently towards it while kicking about their own. I have been an advocate of the band since I stumbled upon B-side ‘Baby Aint Made Of China’ which was so authentically original it blew my mind that it had emerged from this era of musty pop. Unfortunately, this was one of the few they didn’t play – however it’s safe to say they made up for it

This is the kind of gig in which it’s impossible not to lose your friends in the blur of the mosh pit but nobody minds. Maybe it’s because we’re surrounded by likeminded people. As the band return for an encore we are in hysterics. They have saved the best for last. ‘Turn To Dust’, ‘Blush’ and ‘Giant Peach’ cause an uproar of noise and spirits before the bands final departure leaves me looking for something to rebel against. Failing that, a taxi home.

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