ASFTD #298: Para Alta – I Get Mine

Who are they?

Para Alta are a brand new 5-piece from Hartlepool. England’s North East is throwing out some of the country’s hottest bands at the moment, Para Alta being the latest scoop.

What does the track sound like?

‘I Get Mine’ is a shimmering indie pop track, guitars and keys feeling magically produced as though in a state of constant sunshine. Then with strong drums and clear vocals the track brings you back to earth with a brilliant bang. I dare you to not like this song.

When is the next release?

Don’t get giddy, this is the band’s debut single. Appreciate it before begging for more.

Where can you see them live?

It’s all very mysterious right now, like you, I’m hoping they’ll be playing a city near me very soon.

Why should you listen to it? (the PR bit)

Para Alta certainly share those feelings. Sure, the band are fond, even proud, of where they grew up, but the limitations of smalltown life have only served to harden their resolve.

Pushing themselves further and further, the Hartlepool five-piece have developed a crisp, radiant live show, one that bristles with promise and a real sense of energy.

Kissability are due to usher the band’s debut single out into the world, with ‘I Get Mine’ set to be released on April 22nd.

Guitarist Luke Cowley said, “Our songs are just about us and whatever we’re going through or what we’re dreaming about really, which is mainly wanting to escape the small northern town that we all grew up in. It’s a funny place that we all love but at the same time we share a complicated relationship, and that definitely fuels us as a band.”

A feisty, bittersweet number, the crunching riff is matched to vocals that simply demand to be listened to – so do just that, in the embed below. – Clash Music

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