Interview: A 2003 Conversation with Biffy Clyro

Ten years before I realised that I actually enjoyed writing about music and talking to artists about their work, I was accompanying a friend to an interview with a band that I loved.  That band was Biffy Clyro.

In the twelve years since that interview took place, our lives have gone in very different directions.  Biffy Clyro went on to sign with a major label, tour the world and become one of Britain’s biggest alternative bands, I went on to quit a career in retail, start this blog and become a student.

One of the most annoying aspects about digging this interview out is that I remember really enjoying the process, I obviously loved music too, but I never considered the fact that I could have started all of this back then.  Still. It serves as a nice reminder of, what I guess I could consider as, ‘the start’ of this whole blogging malarky.

But about the actual chat itself.

It was organised via the college magazine just as an excuse to go and meet the boys from Kilmarnock. It took place after their debut record Blackened Sky had been released and just before their second, The Vertigo of Bliss, saw the light of day. In total we spent around an hour with the band for the piece, with fifteen minutes being recorded to a Dictaphone. Outside of that we spoke about our hometown of Wrexham (a town that Biffy would later visit on their The Vertigo of Bliss tour which I still claim is thanks to my mention of Robert Plant having played there) and discussed more about what the band had planned for the future.  Obviously becoming festival headliners wasn’t one of the things they had in mind at that point.

The interview actually led to a bit of a teenage obsession for me. The band remembering my name when they came to Wrexham had me acting like a fanboy. On their second visit to the town they came into my place of work (HMV) and I happened to be the first person to ever show them their first bit of positive press in NME.  A claim to fame if ever I’ve heard one.

Anyway, for those still reading here is the piece. And as for Biffy Clyro. We may have gone our separate ways but if you ever fancy doing a then & now sort of thing.. you know where to find me.

Oh. And I’m the guy whose face is covered by the horns..
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