ASFTD #236: Azekel – The War Inside

Who is he?:

Azekel is a guy who has been featured before, however, that post explained absolutely nothing about him. Based in East London ‘Zeek’ has already put out one EP and has another on the way. This track is the first to be taken from it.

What does the track sound like?:

It doesn’t quite have the killer hook that ‘Mad About The Boy’ had, but it is still a meticulously crafted track that will leave you wanting more.  Think The Weeknd meets Frank Ocean. The guy deserves to go places.

When is the next release?:

Raw, Vol. 2, the follow on from Raw, Vol 1 is due for release early 2016 via Thunderlighting Recordings.

Where can you see him live?:

I don’t think there’s anything confirmed (not that I could see) but be sure to keep checking. An artist I’m definitely interested in checking out.

Why should you listen to it? (the PR bit):

With ‘Raw, Vol.1’ dealing with the complexities and emotions of falling in and out of love, Azekel shifts his focus with “Raw, Vol.2’ using social commentary as his horizon line for the record. ‘The War Inside’ examines how as individuals we deal with and are effected by the environment and society which is molded around us, using Azekel’s inimitable production style to weave together this collection of observations. The song was recorded in Studio 2 at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios where seminal British artists such as the Beatles and Pink Floyd recorded their albums. The opportunity to record here was created by Azekel after he was selected as a winner of Converse’s Global “Rubber Tracks” competition.

How can you find out more?:

Website // YouTube // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud