Too Many Blogs – The Second Year in Numbers

Who would have thought it! It’s our birthday and Too Many Blogs has turned two years old.  A lot has happened in the 24 months since I started this site (back when the URL was and most of it was in the last twelve.

Over the last year, I’d like to think that my own writing skills have improved, relationships have been built and there has even been a small TMB team formed. It has been extremely exciting watching the site grow and build, and it is hopefully only just the beginning.  I have plans of what I’d love for this site to become, but as expected, it’ll take time.

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures.

TMB is up nearly 100% in terms of page views, year on year.

Articles posted – In 2014, we posted 221 articles. In 2015 this number increased to 353.

The five most visting countries – The UK (Obviously), USA, Germany, Canada, France.

Acts seen live – I personally saw 113 performances in 2014, in  2015 this number is 154. Some of these do include acts seen more than once. I saw The Staves three times, for examples.

The most read posts of the past twelve months were:

#5 – Everything Everything – Get To Heaven review

#4 – Green Man Festival 2015 review.

#3 – ASFTD #167 – Nathaniel Rateliff – S.O.B

#2 – The review of Day 2 at Primavera Sound, 2015.

#1 – Squeeze’s From The Cradle To The Grave album review.


The three most read ‘A Song for the Day’ posts were:

#3 – #91 – The Slow Show – Dresden

#2 – #164 – A look at Jenny C

#1 – #167 – Nathaniel Nateliff – S.O.B


And because interviews became more of a thing during the last year, I’ve also included the three most read interviews:

#3 – A Conversation with Emmy the Great

#2 – A Conversation with John Vanderslice

#1 – A Conversation with The Staves


So with all that I just want to say thank you. Thank you to the people who read the posts, tweet me, share my links, all that stuff. It’s thanks to readers that I get to do what I love. I’ve never worked this hard at anything in my life, and I really enjoy it.

Thank you to the contributors, past and present. You are all better writers than me and you all help grow the site by spreading the word and by submitting your own posts.

Thank you to the PR teams who sort me out with review tickets, who put up with my (possibly) annoying chasing and slow response times on email.

And thank you to the bands who keep creating things that we want to talk about. That let someone who’s still finding his way interview them (forever indebted to Arc Iris) and for just generally being nice.

Hopefully we’ll do this again on November 28th, 2016, and again: