Album Review: CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye

Another fearless stroke onto the canvas that is CHVRCHES, and it certainly deserves the attention of Every Open Eye…


Two years after the release of their highly acclaimed debut album, The Bones of What You Believe (2013) which not only revived, but redefined synthpop through the combination of modern production and subtle neon 80s melodies, CHVRCHES have released the follow-up album Every Open Eye.

This time around, the glow sticks and leg warmers are out the closet and onto the catwalk. Lauren Mayberry illustrates colours of the ‘Clearest Blue’ when portraying the desperation of a doomed relationship and sees red when arguing the importance of feminism with the track ‘Bury It’, leaving a personal touch that graces the piece.

As usual, Lauren’s confident vocals carry the album and send shivers down the spine, reminiscent and euphoric. The instrumentation still holds a uniqueness and will occasionally leave you with those shameless goosebump moments, but it struggles to keep up with the backbone of the first album.

Don’t be mistaken however, the creative spark remains and the strategic use of stop-start dynamics and off-beats are outstandingly distinctive. This album leaves an impressive stain on their portfolio.