Sundara Karma w/ VITAMIN – The Magnet, Liverpool – 04/11/15

After seeing VITAMIN and Sundara Karma play in Manchester in late October, I was more than happy to take up the job of seeing them play again at The Magnet in Liverpool. The venue was underground above a bar in a darker room with rich deep pink hued lights beaming onstage. Fans were dotted around the sides of the room sat drinking and chatting, anticipating the first act.

VITAMIN are fairly new to the game, kick starting their career back in 2014 the Leeds four piece have a pretty sweet fan base, a gorgeous collection of singles and a debut EP that show maturity and shines through with greatness. Beginning with bubbly ‘Giving It Up’, jangly guitars dripped out chiming riffs with obvious 80’s influence sending heads bopping and turning as they swiftly moved into their newly released single ‘Lights’, with hints of Bombay Bicycle Club in the intro. VITAMIN provided an infectious drum beat and a contagious riff moving feet, opening minds and grooving to the indie pop lovers tunes.

‘Miss You’ really sparked something on the floor as more people began to filter in from the back of the venue. I think this song really reflects their sounds well, with relaxed vocals and delicious bass which lead into one of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard this month. This song achieved the loudest applause. The crowd died down slightly for ‘All Night’, not because they didn’t perform well but the size of the crowd really brought the mood down. They weren’t getting the feedback from everyone that they deserved.

Finishing with ‘To Believe’ which just screamed summer, everyone was told to “get cozy for the last song”. With the concoction of vocals that I would compare to the likes of Peace’s front man Harrison Koisser and the sun-kissed riff of this song, it could literally lift any mood. As the song faded out the band offered out free bags and said to come over for a chat if anyone wanted, what nice guys ey?

Sundara Karma took to the stage shortly after which soon ignited everyone in the room. Most people got up and came down to the front as they began with ‘Freshbloom’ which opened the set and people’s minds with charming riffs and exceptional stage presence. Swiftly moving into one of their newest releases ‘Flame’, that I absolutely adore, spilt sweet melodies and cracking drum beats which followed after by ‘The Night’, ‘Runaway’ and ‘Indigo Puff’. All of these songs were equally as mesmerizing as each other which was delivered with an engaging charm, shimming guitars and entrancing vocals.

‘Diamond Cutter’ followed after but was rudely interrupted by two members of the crowd which seemed to have a disagreement, ending in a punch. Ouch. Front man Oscar Lulu took a swig of his Stella, tucked his hair behind his ear and confronted the guy by intensely asking what happened over the mic. He continued with “If anyone is feeling violent, get the fuck out of here”. Fair play Lulu.

Dropping straight into ‘Hustle’ the intense moment was lifted along with the atmosphere of the room. Lulu takes a step off stage, with his open black satin shirt draping off one shoulder. The crowd began feeding off the energy him and the band were projecting, with strangers becoming friends for a moment belting out lyrics and grooving along.

‘Vivienne’ and ‘Waves’ kept the spirit up for the last song of the set ‘Loveblood’ which welcomed stages invaders (basically the whole crowd) to an indie pop utopia which will become a long lasting memory. Having been entertained by both bands so full of love, my high expectations had been met once again for the night and passed with flying colours.