Interview: A Quick Conversation with Marika Hackman

Although it was only back in April that I last spoke to Marika, I was given the opportunity to say hello at this year’s Green Man Festival.  Having had all our previous communication done via the means of technology, I thought it would be nice to have a quick chat face to face.

Here is a very brief conversation with Marika Hackman.

It’s good to finally meet you!

Yea! It’s good to know what people look like. I have pictures in the office with crosses through the faces of the ones to avoid!

I know that we only spoke not so long ago, so, what have you been up to in the last four months?

I was in America on tour, which was cool. The UK tour was quite a long old stretch.. almost killed me! Then that was followed by the two weeks in America with Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn. Outside of that, I’ve just been at home, writing.

You’d said that you were going to write while on tour. How did that work out?

I sort of, kind of, managed it. Definitely been doing more at home though.  There’s no upcoming tour so I’ve got time now to do a lot of writing. Once the festivals are done I’ll be stuck on my sofa with my guitar.. everyday.. in the same position.. for hours and hours.. playing the same stuff round and round again [laughing].  I am really keen to get all the songs down for the next record.

Are you sticking around at the festival after your set today?

Nope. I’m straight off! Heading to the lovely Heathrow terminal five. Every festival is like that for me, it’s rubbish. I just don’t get to see anything. I did manage to stay at Latitude for the whole thing though, which was fun. It was boiling as well which was pretty nice.

Have you been to Green Man before?

I played here a couple of years ago.  Over on the Walled Garden.

Main stage today though!

I know! What the hell? I can’t wait! I think it’s the biggest festival stage that I’ve ever played.

Every band that plays on there gets a decent crowd.

Yeah? Well that makes me feel better. Although if I go on there now and there’s nobody there, I’m going to be cursing you. I’m doing it solo too.. A stage that big, by myself, it’s going to be quite the experience.

You’ve been doing a lot on your own recently. I saw you at the Night & Day last and of course that was also solo.

Yea I’ve decided to do a lot solo recently, just for ease. Looking after yourself is just so much easier although it can get so fucking boring.   Night & Day though, that was a fun show.  That girl fainted! I remember just watching her faint in the front row and being like “Are you ok?”.

One last question! The last time we spoke, I asked if there was a question you wish you were asked but never are.  You said you’d think about it.  Any luck?

Nope. I didn’t think about it [laughing]. It’s a good question. I promise I’ll think about it for next time! I’ll have a REALLY good think.