ASFTD #185 – Harrison Kipner – Monster

Who is he?: Harrison Kipner is a singer/songwriter from Topanga Canyon in California.  He’s part of a songwriting family and other than a cover of George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’, this is all that he’s released.

What does the track sound like?: I’ll be honest. The first thing I noticed about this song was the video.  It’s well shot, it’s a great reminder of classic horror and it’s pretty interesting.  As for the song, well.. despite being a track promoting anti-bullying the lyrics to the chorus may not be to everybody’s taste. However! It is catchy and it’s a great track for a Friday afternoon.

When is his next release?: This track has only just surfaced but it doesn’t seem to be from any upcoming EP or Album.  There is a new song & video due to be released next week.  No doubt, some more information will come soon.

Where can you see him?: You can’t.  It doesn’t look like he’s currently playing any dates.

Why should you listen to it? (the PR bit): Harrison didn’t have any PR so I asked him if he could provide me with a little bit of info. Here is his response (it’s well worth a read).

Ok well, i grew up in a songwriting family. My dad is Steve Kipner, who’s written countless hits from “Lets Get Physical” to more recent ones like “Break Even” by The Script. So he’s ridiculously awesome. His father was a writer as well, he wrote “Too Much Too Little Too Late”, and also he signed the Bee Gees in 1965 or something, and produced their first hit. So I just grew up around it.

Interestingly i never really played music myself until i went to college cause i always felt this huge pressure to be great. All those years of sitting in the studio just wanting to be around my dad seemed to sink in though because when I started I started off really strongly. About the 5th or 6th song I ever recorded was a song called Porsche which i wrote with David Glass, which later became “Hey Porsche” by Nelly the rapper, haha. It was a great shock to me. The song changed greatly from what it was when I sent it to them, but I’m so happy about what they did to it because its paying for me to be my own artist now!

For a year or two after that i was trying to get more cuts like everyone else, writing songs for rappers because all the sudden thats who I was labeled as, when ironically what i originally wrote was an indie rock song. Finally i realized I wasn’t writing anything good and just locked myself away to start my own project. So ya, thats where I’m at. I’ve had opportunities with label and big managers but since I was a kid I always dreamed off doing weird and crazy videos myself with no fear of how they’d be viewed. So I have 4 videos in the works that are like that. They’re all so completely different and no label would let me do this, but it feels so great right now so I’m just going for it.

How can you find him online?: