A Song for the Day #131 – Tame Impala

Tame Impala

Yes, I am late to the party and yes, this track was released yesterday but you know what? I don’t care.  I’m posting it anyway.  Tame Impala released an epic eight minute track yesterday called ‘Let It Happen’ and the world needs to hear it!

If you don’t know Tame Impala (surely everyone does now?) then let me explain.  They come from Australia.  They release psychedelic upbeat dancey tracks and psychedelic downbeat ballardy type tracks.  They are rising through the musical ranks at an incredible pace and they are taking it in their stride as they do so.

This track is the first to be taken from their forthcoming third record and follows on from 2012’s awesome Lonerism.  Previous interviews indicate, as demonstrated by this track, that we’re in for a more electronic sound this time.  If ‘Let It Happen’ is a sign of what is to come, then bring it on.

I first saw the group at Sound Control in 2011 where it was clear even then that they were destined for big things.  They blew the PA that night and despite being young and probably new to that kind of situation, still gave the crowd a thoroughly enjoyable show.  That led to a show at The Ritz and then last year, the Albert Hall.  I fully expect that the next tour will take place at the Apollo.

Anyway, if you know the band, enjoy the new track.  If you don’t, enjoy the new track, then check out the video below and then go and buy their first two records!